Seventeen years after being convicted of killing a local teenage girl, Cade Youngblood returns to his hometown to bury his beloved great uncle. Still the pariah of Cumberland Cove, 

Tennessee, he faces resentment, fear, and pure hatred from some who believe he is guilty. 

Cade has more reason than ever to clear his name, but somebody is willing to kill to protect a shocking secret.

When his ex-fiancée, Scottie Youngblood, now a Cumberland Cove police officer, responds to vandalism to Cade’s property, they begin to rekindle their old relationship and attempt to unravel the tangled lies from the past. 

Scottie joins forces with Cade to solve the mystery of the decades’ old murder. In the process they discover the deception that tore them apart when they were young. 

But more than one citizen of Cumberland Cove would like to see Cade gone--forever. 

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 Lately, it seems widowed rancher Jon Rider just can't climb out of the cow muck. 

Since his wife's death, raising his seven kids has become impossible to
manage—especially with a ranch to run and a household that sends housekeepers fleeing in panic. Then someone notifies social services.…

It takes a cow emergency to deliver an answer to his prayers: the disarmingly attractive veterinarian Kaycee Calloway. It's Jon's kids who introduce Kaycee to the social worker as their new mom. And suddenly Jon and Kaycee find themselves faking an engagement.

But can a good thing come out of a small deception? 


Welcome to Cowboy Country

Just the place for everyone who loves stories about the West.

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Where's the Daddy Manual?

Cimarron Cole becomes an unwilling father-figure when his brother is killed in a construction accident and he learns he’s the guardian to his five-year-old nephew Wyatt.   

A confirmed bachelor who avoids personal commitment, Cimarron swore he’d never be responsible for another human being after taking take care of his chronically ill mother while growing up. 

Miserable during his childhood and youth because of his absentee father and sick mother, Cimarron is  determined to give Wyatt a better life--with a loving adoptive family.

Sarah James owns the Little Lobo Eatery and Daily Grind. She plans to renovate her family's old mansion on the hill behind her café as a bed and breakfast--until her brother Bobby sells the house without her knowledge to Cimarron Cole, a renowned restoration expert with his own plans.   When she realizes that Cimarron intends to restore the house only to sell it at a larger profit, she puts him in the enemy camp, and vows to find a way to recover her house.

While Sarah desperately attempts to raise the money to buy back her family property, Cimarron tries to sort out his feelings for his nephew and keep his distance from Sarah before he becomes trapped by bonds he can’t escape.   

Can the love of one little boy bring two independent hearts together for a lifetime? 

Welcome back to Little Lobo!

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Claire Ford has no choice but to hire Seth Morgan. There's no one else available but this bull rider on the mend to work at her therapeutic riding camp. So in exchange for his expertise with animals, she unwillingly agrees to help ease him back into the saddle.

Equally unwillingly, Claire begins to fall for this proud, quiet man. A man who's determined to climb back onto the bull that almost killed him. 

And that's the trouble. How can Claire commit to a guy who'd risk his life for something she doesn't believe in? 

And what will happen if she forces him to choose between love and his livelihood? 

 Welcome back to Little Lobo! 

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Long ago, in the deep South, Chloe Bienville stood watching at the window of her plantation ballroom for her fiancé’s return from the War. Zach Brandon never came back. But Chloe is still waiting... Years later, 

Tyce Brandon, a talented architect--Southern to the core--devotes all his time to restoring the dilapidated plantation known as Caroline. The once-glorious mansion, the center of a decades-old feud with the proud Bienville family, has obsessed the Brandon men for generations. And now, a no-nonsense New Yorker named Delaney, the last of Bienvilles, is flying to Louisiana to end the feud once and for all--by destroying the plantation to make way for a shopping mall. 

Neither Tyce nor Delaney expect to meet the resident ghost of Caroline. A troubled spirit, Chloe Bienville has been waiting for a chance to be reunited with her long-lost love. Now, with the return of the last Brandon and the last Bienville, she intends to unite the two families and end the curse that torments her. 

But Tyce and Delaney prove to be most uncooperative and refuse to fall in love on command. Then they discover Chloe’s secret diary and discover her mischievous side and the lifelong battles of wits she played with her overbearing father and brothers. 

As they come to understand the legacy Chloe has left for them, they surrender to a passion that will shake the very foundation of Caroline Plantation. 

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